Afika Match Race Incident Umpire Statistics (AMIUS)

This provides access to the AMIUS System. It is currently in Beta version.  No guarantees are made about its performance.  If you use this system please let me known.  I am happy to take questions but I can make no promises about my speed of response. 

Some regattas like to gather umpire statistics.  These can vary from a simple list of how many penalties were given to a detailed list of all penalties.  At a recent regatta I was at the Chief Umpire wanted detailed information on every penalty given.  He wanted it in time for the press conference 30 minutes after we arrived on shore.  Having watched another umpire try to gather this info and a previous regatta the old-fashioned way (asking every umpire time after every match and then summarizing once she got to shore) I was convinced that there had to be a better way. AMIUS was born.  Every umpire was given a link to the google form.  They entered the data with a few clicks either during or after the match.  By the time the flight ended I would check and discover that all matches were covered.  I didn’t have to find the match umpires and scribble down their data. 

The system below has two parts a google form and a google sheet.  There is also an Admin and Users Guide.

AMIUS User Guide V01.pdf
AMIUS Admin Guide V01.pdf
AMIUS Datasheet V02